So as I was attempting to locate my two black mystery snails I noticed one chasing the other. Is this mystery snail mating? I’m worried about him hurting her because he’s almost twice her size. So does that mean snails are A-sexual? This is a great way of you plan on keeping the Mystery snail babies in the same tank. Larger shells are not necessarily healthier snails. If so, who’s the M and who’s the F? Today I noticed at feeding time that my larger mystery was mating with my much smaller one. My blue Snail is constantly going on top of the yellow one and they stay there for a while. Mystery snails of the Chinese and Japanese origin, also known as trapdoor snails (it does not have a lung) are usually black in color and moss-like dark green algae are seen covering their shell. This means that both a female and a male snail must be available for them to reproduce. Should I try and poke his foot to get him to detach or will that cause more harm? Is this mystery snail mating? 2 comments . Do they need to be a certain age or size? The Mystery Snail is also known as a type of Apple Snail. I think there's about 4-6 snails so far. They will lay the eggs about a week to ten days after they breed. I love the Mystery Snail. Mystery Snails Mating. 9 years ago. Nonetheless, this method is not completely reliable. The mating of two snails is possible but extremely painful for both snails, so it's not necessarily encouraged. 22. Apple snails mating with a little snail trying to get in on the action (09:42) Product Description. I've had hundreds and all of the clutches have been fertile! Alright, I have one black mystery snail in a 10 gallon tank who just had babies. Are they mating? Help. If so, would this result in all black babies? Some snails may be smaller, or some a bit larger, but two inches around is probably most common. snail mom<3. Oct 29, 2019. ccinfl. (Also see " Wild Romance: Weird Animal Courtship and Mating … Their secret is that they actually lay eggs above water, and hope they stay moist enough to hatch. Share. Do mystery snails of different colors mate with each other? I saw my ivory mystery snail on top of my blue mystery snail. save. Sit down and hold the mystery snail on its back between your thumb and forefinger in a slightly vertical position. Close. Lethargic mystery snail and mating. Drop the water level as much as you can and be sure any openings in the lid are sealed off until after the eggs are laid. Good news is, they’re not difficult to breed. A special animal to add to your aquarium. I have 1 beta, 1 nerite and a mystery snail that has been pretty much inactive for literally several weeks. Mystery Snail Shell Size: In the display tank, a Mystery Snail shell size can be about two inches in diameter. It was being kept in a tank with a very tight cover and not enough space above water to spawn. so i have had a gold snail for a couple months now and she is about full size, today i decided to get another snail so she wasnt alone, i got a black one and he is about half the size of the gold one. tags: apple snail, mystery snail, breeding, mating, eggs. Are they mating or fighting? I recently added another mystery snail thinking the one was dying. I have a 5 gal tank with a heater and filter. Did the snail give live birth? share. Relevance. One of the most popular Apple snail family members is Pomacea diffusa, commonly called the Mystery snail. But after I 'clued' in, I removed them from the tank! For two snails to mate, one snail aggressively fights the other looking for attention harming both snails in the process. That's right, you will not get more mystery snails in your tank under water. They can be a great peaceful addition to a community tank. The male will hold the female and insert his penis sheathe into the shell of the female. Also known simply as an Apple snail, the Golden Apple or Inca snail. But, tonight i noticed my blue snail (black skin/white shell) on top of my gold snail. the golden snail always climbs on top of the brown snail all the time. It eventually hatched, if memory serves me. Freshwater Snail Mating. I have a gold Mystery snail (Miss Marple) and a Trap Door snail (Stirling Moss). My apple snails always climbs on top of my other mystery snail every now and then. If you gently hold your mystery snail upside down, it will eventually come out of its shell to try and right itself. Mystery Snail Behavior & Temperament . The mystery in mystery snails is that they will not reproduce under water! I was considering getting another, but I do not want a bunch of snail babies. 3 hours ago. The entire process can last as little as 2 hours or as long as 12 hours. Help. Take your chosen mystery snail out of the water (don’t worry, they have a lung and can breathe air — this does not harm them at all as long as they aren’t kept out of the water for a long period of time). Can mystery snails only mate with their color, or any mystery snail can mate with another? I've had my snails for quite awhile now, and still no eggs. When the snails are sexually mature, and you should have male and female with 5 of them, you will see one that seems to ride the other and stay there. Thanks! I did read up on them first, I do know they mate. I suspect they're mating. These snails are gonochoristic. Read on to see the magic of the mystery snail unfold before your eyes. report. This in layman terms, means that the snails can carry both eggs as well as sperms, and they do not really need a mate in order to reproduce. Once a snail manages to shoot the dart, which transfers sperm-boosting secretions, that animal can fertilize the other's eggs. I suspect the poor snail was just desperate and she laid her clutch just below the surface of the water. I … Answer Save. Here's a video that shows the difference between the male and female mystery snail and proves that shaking is irrelevant to the mating/insemination process.Mystery snails lay a mass or sometimes two of eggs several inches above the water line. For example, in land snails of the genus Helix, including the escargot Helix pomatia, and the common garden snail Helix aspersa (also known as Cornu aspersum and Cantareus aspersus), copulation is preceded by an elaborate tactile courtship.. The easiest way to tell is to catch a pair mating. I have two snails in a 10 gal tank. 4 years ago. Mystery snails mating? They will attach to the sides of the fish tank, rocks, or other items in the tank using their mouths. If they are mating, how long does it take for them to lay eggs? Share. I have seen a Mystery snail lay eggs under water once. Would be my luck I'd get a male and female. Mystery snails are beautiful. Eventually the pursued snail will give in and involuntarily receive a 'love dart' full of sperm. This is my first post and please forgive if I've done this wrong. There is a significant difference between species when it comes to mating. Dan M. Lv 7. after putting the new one in the tank (about 30 min) they started to mate! Lol. PH range 7.5-8 Hardness:5-15 Dkh Temperature: 64-82F Life Span: 1.5-2 years Size: 2 inches Diet: Omnivore Habitat: Aquatic/Tidal. … Mystery Snail – A Complete Guide (Care, Diet, Facts) Read More » Snails move very slowly. answer #2. Log In Sign Up. Close • Posted by just now. mystery-snails snails. Mystery Snail Mating. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It is very easy to confuse. 100% Upvoted. How They Move in the Tank . Favorite Answer. Also, can a … Press J to jump to the feed. If you do not yet have a mating pair, there are some other, less obvious ways of telling them apart. They display different, vibrant colors within your very own habitat creation. Tonight, I noticed they appear to be fighting, which I know they're not doing. If so, who’s the M and who’s the F? I *think* I have seen them mating, but I am honestly not quite sure. Sometimes if you look closely you will see the male part inside the female, under the shell. Mating. Member. Share. Victoria Marie. Mystery Snail Mating question? Video. There is no visible sexual dimorphism, but in all copulations observed, males were smaller in size than females. Mystery Snail Reproduction. Before the intercourse, both approach to start the courtship process consisting of a series of movements and attitudes that will finish or not in the mating. Our two mystery snails appear to be breeding because one of them is often found on top of the other the past couple of days. Some of us would probably get a kick out of having some of their odd looking eggs hatch, even if we didn’t want to raise a lot of them. Keep in mind you may not have seen the first time they mated, so the pair could surprise you. Then one crawled onto of the other and they have been sitting there like that for a while. They started popping up a little over a week ago.. I hope you're ready for it. Mystery Snails, like most Freshwater snails, are hermaphrodites. Related Article: Best Wave Makers for Aquariums. Forgive the odd question, I've never owned snails before, I just bought some this week to try them out. Hello Everyone, In this video we discuss how to keep mystery snails alive. Does that mean they were mating or could they have been fighting? This is Ilyas`wife. I have a black mystery snail. hide. Well, now the new one has been mating frequently. It’s always a nice touch to any living space that adds a certain quality that most will enjoy looking at. How to Take Care of Mystery Snails Water Conditions. Freshwater snails are split into three groups as far as mating methods. Also, I had a blue mystery snail in the tank but he died for some random, unknown reason a few weeks ago. Archived. Wait… wait some more… wait some more. When a snail is already mature can begin mating, that is clear, but how do they approximate each other? 7 Answers. Brown snail looks to be in discomfort as he twists and wiggles around to get the bigger snail off the back. Mating begins with a courting ritual. What does this mean? Help. They do not have differences in terms of shell color, body size, or temperament. This can be somewhat complicated because a Mystery Snail is capable of changing gender. The owner removed the clutch when he saw it and it had hardened enough to handle. Posted by u/[deleted] 10 months ago. I'm new to snails, just got these guys about a week ago. User account menu • Mating. I currently have a blue mystery snail.
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